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There is just so much to do – so many treasures to uncover - as you soak up the warmth and enjoy the comforts of  the island of Barbados. Land lubbers and sea farers alike can have their pick of surf and turf activities appropriate for all ages and stages of calm or daredevil delight!  Singles, lovers, friends and families also have rich and plentiful options to choose from.  Whether you want to swim or sunbathe, party and play hard or enjoy art, culture and cuisine at its best, it's right here waiting for you.  


"Bonbini" Aruba! That's how this happy island welcomes you to its beautiful white sand beaches. Aruba will never rain on your parade: this island receives the least rainfall in the Southern Caribbean, allowing more sunny days to maximize your vacation. So relax on the beach or choose an exciting water adventure – this island is your personal playground.

St. Kitts & Nevis

This warm and welcoming two-island nation combines some lovely beaches with impressive mountains, activities on land and water, and a rich history. The local culture is mellow, friendly and infused with a pulsing soca beat, and revolves around 'limin'' (hanging out, drinking and talking).

But if the pair offer much that’s similar, they differ in the details. St Kitts is larger and more commercial, from bustling Basseterre and its huge Port Zante cruise terminal to the party strip and resorts of Frigate Bay. Across the Narrows, tranquil Nevis is a neater package, anchored by a single volcanic mountain buttressed by a handful of wonderful beaches and tiny colonial capital, Charlestown. Nature walks take you to the verdant upper reaches of the peak, while the island's history takes in British admiral Horatio Nelson, US founding father Alexander Hamilton and several well-preserved sugar plantations, now luxurious hotels.

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